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In Salt Lake City, UT

Rapid Recycling is here to serve you and your business. Our simple and exceptional solution for scrap metal management is sure to maximize your return. Whether you need large equipment extracted or simply looking to sell your scrap metal, Rapid Recycling is the solution. We only get one planet, so let’s work together to take care of it. 

Our Services 

We offer many recycling services to meet your needs, including:

  • Industrial and Commercial Metal

  • HVAC

  • Electrical Recycling Service

  • And we will come to you!

Contact us to see what else we can do to meet your recycling needs.

What Do We Recycle?

  • At Rapid Recycling, we accept the following:

  • All types of metal

  • All electrical units and wiring

  • AC Units (We require all HVAC units to be free of freon and oil before pickup)

Asset Recovery

The scrap metal that you recycle with us can be seen as an asset because you can always get a return on that material. We specialize in helping companies recover as much as they can from their scrap assets.

Large Extractions and Processes

Large extractions typically involve removing large equipment to make room for new equipment. Rapid Recycling is not a demolition crew, but we can always evaluate a project to see how we can best lend our services. We like to keep the process very simple for our clients. 


We recommend sending us pictures of your large equipment and its current space via text or email to get started. We can then schedule a phone call to discuss further details. From there, we can better determine the timeline and process for your extraction. 

We Serve Across the Wasatch Front

We service from Weber County down to Juab County for commercial and industrial accounts in Utah. We can pick up any metal, electrical, or HVAC scrap. However, if your HVAC unit or other equipment currently has freon or oil, we will not pick it up.

Our pricing varies from customer to customer based on several factors, including volume and distance. We will deliver a customized quote for your specific material, and from there, we will schedule a pickup date and time. As the market increases, so does our pricing for buying scrap, giving you the value you deserve.

What other questions do you have? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone, text, or email. We are here to serve you.

Call us for your quote today!

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